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In keeping with its objective of providing the possible pharmaceutical education the college has built up a strong infrastructure which comprises job oriented experienced faculty and facilities that enable student to gain a contemporary education. Continous interaction with pharmaceutical industry is mainted to ensure that the learning programme remains relavent to the changing trends in pharmaceutical industry. The college is constantly upgrade the quality of its education and actively participates in research and development to produce, cutting edge pharmasist.

Infrastructure at ACN College of Pharmacy Infrastructure at ACN College of Pharmacy

Laboratories are our assets We have well planned and professionally designed laboratories for hassle free practical work. The laboratories are well equipped with modern instruments and other infrastructure required for day to day practical training. Every student is given individual attention and the infrastructure is sufficient to cater to individual practical invironment of the students.

Pharmaceuticals chemistry lab is meant for test and identification of
impurities synthesis purification of chemical compounds analysis of
biological samples like urine blood etc.

Medicinal chemistry lab is meant for synthesis purification and
identification of medicinally active compounds.

Pharmaceutical analysis lab is suitable for analysis quality assessment histological histopathological studies of cells and tissue of various organs
.Many models and charts of various organs. Many models and charts of
various systems are available for easy understanding of the human
physiology various haematological and sercological examination can also
be carried out in this lab.

Computer lab of Aligarh College of Pharmacy (ACP) has separate
computer lab with 40 high and configuration computers outfitted with
advanced software and broadband internet connectivity the laboratory is
meant for learning and conducting practicals as per the syllabus it is also
used by all the students and faculty for their presentations and for ready
retrieval of information using www.acnpharmacy.in

Pharmaceutical biotechnology The laboratory is meant for isolation and
purification of DNA and RNA from plants and animals various types of in
vitro plant tissue culture studies are carried out to develop callus and cell
suspension cultures gel electrophoresis can be carried out in this lab. The
laboratory is attached to a humidity and temperature controlled culture

Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF) is developed at ACP to house the
advanced, most expensive sophisticated, Analytical instruments like waters
HPCL systems shimadzu double beam uv spectrophotometer with
scanning facility flame photometer iyophyllizer Brookfield viscometer etc
which are required for research studies in pharmacy.

Classroom/ Tutorial Rooms
The classroom/tutorial rooms are spacious and are well ventilated with
comfortable seating arrangements . to enhance the presentation has a
good audio audio visual set up with slide projectors and LCD.

Common Room ACP has separate girls and boys common rooms with attached washroom well equipped
with various indoor games like chess carom board ludo etc.

Herbal Garden the institute has vast stretches of medicinal plants garden with more than 200 important
medicinal plants procured from various geographical location of india whose extracts and constituents are
used as pharmaceuticals in todys medical practice this garden gives our students a better understanding of
the principles of cultivation collection and preservation of processed crude drugs and pest control measures during preservation.

About the course
The course of study in diploma pharmacy comparises of part1 and part2 there shall be an examination in the first year on the subjects of part1 and examination in the second year comparising the part 2 subjects Duration of course the course of academic training is of 2 years duration with minimum of 180 working days per year followed by a practical training not less then 500 hours covered in around 3 months cirriculam.