ACN College of Pharmacy

In Association with Aligarh Unani / Ayurvedic Medical College & ACN Hospital

In its another philanthropic endeavour ACN Group of Institutions has
established ACN College of Pharmacy, under the dynamic leadership of its
Chairman and great reformist Mr. R. A. Chaudhary.

To address growing needs of health care sector India needs 500 million skilled and technically qualified people including pharmacologist by the end of 5 years from now.

ACN College of Pharmacy is committed to prepare institutionally qualified
technical manpower to fulfill growing demand of skilled and technically
qualified pharmaceutical work force, emerging from Govt. Public Sector
Undertakings (P.S.Us) and corporate sector.

ACN College of Pharmacy
ensures quality pharmaceutical education to all sections of the society to
maintain higher GDP growth rate of the country, increased development of
pharmaceutical sector with enhanced global competitiveness.